in the 2016 national NPC and CPPCC, have mentioned the construction of the party’s work style, strict punishment and check system, but there are officials of the crime against the wind. Recently, Ningbo mayor checked in detail, we take a look at it!


3 in the afternoon of 16 March, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of supervision website news, Zhejiang Province, deputy secretary of Ningbo Municipal Committee, Mayor Lu Yue alleged serious violation, the organization is currently undergoing investigation.

2005 in April, Lu Yue was transferred to Taizhou Municipal Committee, secretary general, and served as a subsidiary of Taizhou coastal city party secretary in the following year. In 2008, Lu Ziyue was promoted again, mayor of Lishui City, Zhejiang other cities, among the. March 2011, he served as party secretary of Lishui.

2013 in January, after much exercise Luzi Yue was promoted to vice governor of Zhejiang Province, 4 months after being transferred to Ningbo, he served as Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor.


is located on the southeast coast of Ningbo is a sub provincial city, municipalities, the second largest city in Zhejiang is second only to the capital city of Hangzhou.

"among the big city for the first team" in Zhejiang Province, the requirements of the development of Ningbo. In February last year, said when he was the Zhejiang Provincial Committee and party secretary of Ningbo Liu Qi in the municipal comprehensive deepening of reform leading group of the fourth expansion of the meeting: "Ningbo provincial requirements to strengthen into the big city in the country is recommended

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