commodity display is not only can be applied to specific goods shelves, in the vicinity of the cashier as long as the good use of the same can display a lot of goods. However, these goods in the end what kind of skills should be mastered, that is, many operators need to grasp the knowledge. Then, around the cashier of the surrounding commercial display what skills?

in pharmacy cashier, she has a secret, although is less to the store, but also made a lot of achievements, Yangchun is how to do it? She is in the cashier behind the back cabinet on display for some goods, and put a tea basket at the cashier front, summer tea, red dates, winter on the isatis root, walnut and other products, according to the spring’s words, there is a lot of customers pay nothing to look at and around the close behind the cashier and the opportunity to come this way.

in particular, Yangchun here around the cashier we are not talking about the cashier cashier commodity, commodity is directly displayed in the cashier, the cashier and the surrounding area refers to the display around the cashier goods, including back cabinet, cashier behind the cashier before two to three layers of small plates, side Duitou, herbal tea box etc..

general cashier on the goods we mainly through the sentence recommendation to achieve sales, and in the cashier is required by the commodity commodity itself caused by the desire to buy customers, its marketing target is to awaken the customer needs, instead of mining the fuzzy requirements, therefore, in the cashier display area the goods are very important.

The cashier at the cashier for

is mainly responsible for the cashier, and also will recommend the cashier on the goods, but careless of the surrounding commercial, but the customer, their vision is very wide, when customers waiting, will naturally see the cashier area near the goods, because of the hand from the cashier relatively far away, not easy to smoothly push, therefore, the product itself is the key attraction.

through the reasonable peri cashier area of product planning, can actually increase the business opportunities that surround the cashier area of goods on display are what tricks?

, a strong brand of products

at the cashier behind the back cabinet on display of well-known brands of goods, or goods to consider advertising nowadays, well-known, popular and seasonal elements, the commodity will customers said: "I am here, take me home!" Of course, the size of the need to meet the characteristics of the back cabinet.


small convenience goods

we often have this experience, is to go to the supermarket after returning home, think of something to buy forgot to buy, and most are small convenience goods, many convenience goods are sold in supermarkets, pharmacies have sold, for example, can be set >

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