Is the most traditional people can solve the problem of food and clothing of the thick skinned big buns for

then steamed stuffed bun, the key is to satiety. With the development of the times, changes in the amount of consumer demand, with the change in the form of steamed buns, people pay more attention to the amount of steamed buns taste. What kind of steamed stuffed bun taste good, that is thin skin, filling. This is the case in the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in order to meet the high chef dinner banquet requirements, the invention of the cardboard buns, taste more soft and smooth, then through generations efforts, this process can be passed, become Shandong cardboard buns, gradually known throughout the country, then Shandong to join what support cardboard buns?

Shandong paper buns joined in support of what?

join the following main support:

1, join in support: provide professional market analysis, to provide a unified image planning, to provide a series of (franchise store operations management manual) to provide promotional guidance

2, brand support: improve the brand system and management model, the national brand of all sales outlets share.

3, advertising support: television, newspapers, magazines, provincial and municipal newspapers and news media coverage, the new listing of the press conference, promotion, fashion show, public welfare activities such as brand awareness.

4, store design advocacy support: the company free of charge to the franchisee to provide the most reasonable store decoration design and construction drawings, free of charge for construction guidance, acceptance.

5, display: the company unified with the cost price to the franchisee to provide store image materials and the whole set of product display props and provide store display guidance.

such a comprehensive support, you are worthy to join a good brand! If you want to join us, please leave a message! We’re waiting for you to join us.

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