in the whole process of house decoration, latex paint played a very important role. At the same time, it has been highly trusted by consumers, the brand is also very much on the market. In short, now everyone on the living environment of the decoration requirements are very high, especially some coating materials. The following small series to introduce more reliable brand of Chinese latex paint, while the formation of a Chinese latex paint ten brands list, we want to help!

China’s top ten brands of latex paint NO.1 Dulux Dulux. AKZO NOBEL Swire paints (China) Co. Ltd., ten paint brands, latex paint, wall paint – – water paint – Health – building paint floor paint paint – ten brands, a global Fortune 500 company, one of the world’s largest decorative paint company, is the most trusted brand.

China latex paint ten brands list NO.2 Nippon Nippon. We must be familiar with this brand. Nippon Paint (China) Co. Ltd., paint the ten brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Japanese brands, Chinese environmental labeling products, one of the world’s first paint company. All Nippon for internal control within the plant, from the environment to the process requirements, absolute environmental protection, products must comply with national standards VOC.

China’s top ten brands of latex paint NO.3 Carpoly Carpoly. Guangdong Carpoly Chemical Group Co. Ltd., paint the ten brands, seven furniture paint / Engineering paint brand, famous brand in Guangdong Province, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chinese brand, obvious advantages in architectural coatings and paint coatings and other civilian areas.

China’s top ten brands of latex paint NO.4 Huarun Huarun. Guangdong Huarun Paints Co. Ltd., founded in 1991, 06 years to become the Valspar group brand, Guangdong famous brand, brand-name products in Guangdong Province, the wood coatings of high visibility, specializing in the production of architectural decoration paint / high-grade wood coatings and waterborne coating and high-tech industrial coatings enterprises.

Chinese latex paint ten brand ranking NO.5 three Skshu. Three trees paint paint Limited by Share Ltd, ten brands, high-tech enterprises, specializing in the development / production / sales of paint, paint, paint children welcome the marriage room, fresh breath, clean flavor charcoal series and pure flavor products and paint popular space its unique health characteristics.

Chinese latex paint ten brand list NO.6 Bauhinia Bauhinia. Yip’s Chemical Group Co. Ltd., Hongkong Bauhinia paints manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd., Hongkong famous brand, Hongkong began in 1982, the main decoration paint paint / industrial / civil engineering paint, specializing in the production and sales of chemical products >

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