want to don’t want to be a spare office workers do not want to, want to start from the family struggle outside alone, Longchao charcoal grilled fish to meet your needs, couples together to worry about money.


Longchao joined project since the launch of charcoal grilled fish fish merchants, the majority of entrepreneurs of all ages, there are white-collar workers, white-collar workers, laid-off workers, veterans, teachers, students and so on, which couples success is very much the case. Why can fire dragon tide fish join so attractive couple entrepreneurship?


a cooperative store Cao boss he shared mentality to join us.

Before the

Cao boss and her husband are commuters, Cao boss himself or the civil service, every month with a fixed wage, life is too tepid, two of their spouses consult to change the current state of life, so they chose Longchao charcoal grilled fish, in fact they choose Longchao charcoal grilled fish is very simple.

first, grilled fish, barbecue prospects. In recent years, the most popular non food items, grilled fish, barbecue, especially in the summer, we had the boss have a summer spending a miracle.

second, the unique Longchao charcoal grilled fish to join the characteristics and advantages of. The patent grilled fish, a dish of two to eat on the street than the traditional barbecue grilled fish and advanced N times, are more innovative, fashion and health.

third, dragon fish variety join tide charcoal decoration, new experience on the vision. Now eat not only to "subsistence", the connotation of diners pay more attention to diet, dragon fish, American style join tide fire dragon heritage, Chinatown theme, there are ten major themes, is a visual feast of wealth and taste.

fourth, Longchao headquarter support professional charcoal grilled fish. As a mature enterprise in the industry stands for ten years, the dragon fish headquarter with charcoal tide catering management experience, will give partners to provide full support. Even if there is no experience in catering and entrepreneurship, can also be a qualified boss.

although Cao boss shop opened soon, but the business is very prosperous, which makes them confident about the future. Two couples now working full-time in the store, with management, they also have confidence, confidence, let the Dragon charcoal grilled fish fish to join tide of career development is more and more big!

do you have the idea of starting a business? Do you want to have a brand new future? Dragon fish fish have joined the tide of charcoal make full preparations, fast-food franchise is you! American charcoal grilled fish Longchao join hotline: 13280018329


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