2013 the beginning of summer time has passed, so all kinds of ice cream products will definitely hot up, but you have seen the fried ice cream? Here Xiaobian will be a good project as a summer business, we recommend to know.

it is getting warmer, a good time to sell ice cream, but the big cake, the competition is more intense, and here, as a more "cake". Will it be OK to fry the ice cream? Certainly feasible.

and crispy taste. The reason why many people become loyal consumers fried ice cream, it is not only eat more wonderful, lies in its unique fashion eat combination, it has hundreds of allocation method, which can meet the people’s favorite Oriental Sweet mellow, and are keen on Western novel’s taste, eat a hundred tire. Industry insiders said, as more consumers join fried ice cream diners team, bianzhaofaer eat cold, people in the future will be cold food consumption is one of the major landscape.

The manufacture and sale of

open franchise stores, the equipment investment is 18 thousand yuan, the shop area of 5-10 square meters, 220 volt power supply, staff of 1-2 people, more than 1000 yuan liquidity. In addition to the operation of fried ice cream, but also the processing of ordinary ice cream products wholesale, such as proper operation, half an investment can be recovered.

If a mobile shop, station, wharf, then theaters, bars, schools et al. Larger flow place can be set up, are fried and sold, in addition to selling fried ice cream products, but also sales of ordinary ice cream and other beverage products.

production is also very convenient, investment is not large, this will undoubtedly help investors to carry out their own summer ice cream business, so if you want to make a good career in the summer, may wish to consider doing fried ice cream.

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