now the society to help people employment, introduced a lot of social measures, and some measures such as to prepare many entrepreneurs who bring a lot of business strength, but also will promote to solve the employment problem of society.

to optimize the environment for innovation, our province will be simplified as much as possible entrepreneurs license application procedures. In the full implementation of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of "three in one" based on the gradual implementation of a unified code of social credit, "according to a code". Allow the country to combine with the actual relaxation of the new registration conditions of registration restrictions, to promote a multi site according to a multi site cluster registration and other residence registration reform, sub industry, decentralized release of residential resources.

I also encourage all localities and departments to actively explore the use of the purchase of public service achievements, support entrepreneurship carrier construction with market-oriented way. Guide all kinds of space and a new carrier of entrepreneurship incubator is to provide quality and efficient service.

for start-up staff, funding is the biggest bottleneck. It is understood that the province through the government guidance and market operation mechanism, the use of fiscal policy support, venture capital, angel investment development, and guide social capital and financial capital to support entrepreneurial activities, expand the scale of the venture investment.

"opinions" to encourage local conditions to explore entrepreneurial investment recommendation

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