knows a little economics knows that do business market will know at first to do analysis of market prospects, consider this project there is no need to do, but also do market positioning to determine their own investment projects, which is looking for their own brand of food marketing.

do business depends on the market trend, Baozi inn select excellent brand sustainable profitability, more worry and effort to open up the market. The package dumplings progenitor thin filling large, beautiful shape, fresh bottom crisp, tender fresh, juicy refreshing, delicious taste. The crowd to buy more, natural shop to the fire explosion. 3000 pack ancestors steamed buns and empty, the original chicken soup is pushing hands. Chicken soup with precious traditional Chinese medicine, secret ingredients, small fire simmer for 4-5 hours, taste delicious, eat healthy. Select the package progenitor entrepreneurship is the choice for you to join the steamed bun, worry and effort, but the package fee how many baozi progenitor


progenitor buns to join, the benefit of small, only 1-2 million investment, market price, net profit of more than 300%, so you can easily make money, get rich quick


package ancestor steamed stuffed bun join? Package ancestors steamed stuffed bun have what advantage? What support will be given to the franchisee?

package ancestor steamed stuffed bun has the following advantages:

1, small investment, high profit, the cost of 0.2 yuan, 70% of the profits, no seasonal demand, on the back of the first half, small investment, low risk, ten thousand yuan can shop, throughout the year no off-season business on fire, these businesses do not want to make hard

2, a meal time to beat the competition: the package without baking before progenitor buns, 20 minutes from the surface to the whole and released the single meal time, this will beat the competition, time is money ah

3, unique recipe: Chicken Soup with precious traditional Chinese medicine, secret ingredients, small fire simmer 4.5 hours, taste delicious, eat healthy, eat nutrition. The characteristics of lotus leaf steamed fresh lotus leaf, lotus leaf wrapped, soaked for three hours, into the cage, smelling the fragrance, eating and refreshing

4, good service, O Yumegumi: you shop, we support, master of professional R & D team with you to try to learn science and technology, company visits, satisfaction to join, as long as you join the company to advertise your free, free delivery equipment, one for your tailored operation scheme, the professional elite team to teach you how to do the operation, for you to lift the menace from the rear.

package to join the headquarters of the ancestors will also give the following support:

1, site selection support: assist site selection, the implementation of the decoration, the introduction of enterprise VI, do a good grasp of the first shop.

2, opening instructions: professional teachers to explain all the preparatory work before the start, not

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