theme restaurant is one of the characteristics of the form of food and beverage, welcomed by the younger generation of consumers, of course, this is also the opportunity for investors to invest in, then the well-known theme of food and beverage brands to join the project?

, a Toilet Themed Restaurant


"chicong international Limited by Share Ltd" in Taiwan in May 2004, Kaohsiung was established, at the same time also created for joy theme restaurant, the brand now has a total of 13 branches in Taiwan, Taiwan * * theme restaurant chain, located in the city of Taiwan, began in 2007 after the mandate of the Hongkong, Hongkong, Tongluowan set up shop in Mong kok. Go joy theme restaurant, not only in the market acclaim, but also lead a differentiated marketing trends and business opportunities. One of the world’s ten theme restaurants!

, head of

two AVA copycat dinner

A Well-Known Trademark in China – AVA is a copycat, brand founder Mr. Qu Guoqiang led the research team traveled southwest of the motherland village landscape, feeling the ancient folk customs of Miao and Dong, Buyi people of all ethnic groups, to explore the food culture of ethnic minorities in Southwest China, opened to the "good head" as the core strategic focus restaurant chain. A restaurant opened in 2003 thirteen years, copycat, focus on headquarters catering industry, the integration of global resources, to the "good head" as the core strategic focus, to create a competitive edge store business model, establish channels through franchising, formed the brand chain system, the spread of "honest good park" enterprise culture.

three, fragrant pot theme restaurant a hemp hot

Beijing Ma Xingyuan spicy food Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: a spicy MA) was founded in 2008, is a unique dishes with the main national chain catering enterprises. The main dishes – homemade spicy hot pot, unique taste, high quality, praised by the vast number of consumers and the industry has long been praised. At the same time, a very stylish style and artistic atmosphere of the restaurant environment, but also makes a hemp spicy spicy restaurant has become a brand in the rising star.

four, Yangdong home Roasted Whole Lamb theme

sheep club, to show Mongolia grassland culture decoration style, exotic create distinctive experience; to build health Roasted Whole Lamb cook a sheep culture themed restaurant, is Chinese Hotel Association named China catering shops".

sheep club, the essence of inheritance of Founder ancestor Su Wu, "pit baking sheep" by national patent created by the closed oven roast lamb, high temperature baking, supplemented with 36 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine recipe, revolutionized the traditional roast lamb, creating a new generation of food health roast lamb. Sheep club, Mongolia grassland and Mongolia elements for cultural characteristics, through the

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