In order to comprehensively enhance the city’s legal aid services capacity and level, from now on, Xining will be carried out to serve the people’s livelihood, promote harmony as the theme of the promotional activities.

in recent years, the legal aid institutions of Xining City, stick around the central task, adhere to the people-oriented, serving the people, conscientiously perform their functions, and carry out the work, legal aid work and achieved remarkable results. It is reported that, as of now, the city has established a legal aid center 8, the establishment of legal aid information workers in 128 communities in the city and 472 committees, the establishment of migrant workers legal aid "Easy Access in three counties and four district legal aid center". The publicity activities, to meet the needs of the people as the goal of legal aid, in order to expand the social influence, improve service ability and level of focus, so that the difficulties of the masses more convenient and quick access to legal aid, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights of poor people, safeguard social fairness and justice. (author: Tang Rong)


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