recently, the city of Xining City District IRS self-examination leading group for the window personnel to perform their duties and the implementation of the system is not in place, and the procedures of the tax simplification and tax procedures are not standardized, service personnel quality is not high, the term civilization is not standardized, limit for rectification.

the IRS first developed a "tax service hall window responsibility and business process", "tax service quality supervision and evaluation system", on the basis of the original hall and constantly improve the internal administrative management system and tax service quality supervision and assessment mechanism, the implementation of chief value class system, effectively improve the efficiency and quality of work.

second, make full use of existing equipment, beautify the environment, the tax service innovation, improve service means, on the basis of two "copy" to optimize the tax process, integrated window settings, the establishment of "small window, service pattern, the AB controls, make up the lack of post phenomenon, improve the efficiency of tax. Make good use of taxpayer tax self-service area tax guide Taiwan Easy Access, providing zero distance service for the taxpayer, the taxpayer to reduce the reporting period queuing problem.

In addition to

, the tax service hall staff of older, slow to update their knowledge and other issues, to speed up the tax service hall window personnel business tax and basic skills training. The regular tax service window thorough investigation, solicit opinions and suggestions on the improvement of the taxpayer, outstanding problems in the service window as soon as possible. At the same time, give full play to the tax service hall services, innovative service new ideas, from the start to improve the quality of people, constraints to the system staff.


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