11 8, the fourteenth China International Agricultural Products Fair after a day of trade show in Yunnan, the successful conclusion of the Kunming. This exhibition, I won the best organization award, pavilion, at the same time, Qinghai cocosily Food Co. Ltd. "Kekexili" stewed yak meat, Qinghai Minze Longyangxia ecological aquaculture Co., Longyangxia salmon, Qinghai river of Heyuan agriculture and animal husbandry science and technology development limited company "Heyuan River" source of pure fragrant rapeseed oil, Qinghai lvcaoyuan Food Co. Ltd. Sanjiang pasture "organic yak meat, Tibetan sheep, because of its excellent quality the unique characteristics of the plateau won the Gold Award presented by the organizing committee.

province Pavilion in accordance with the "great beauty of Qinghai, ecological agriculture and animal husbandry" theme, highlighting the party made the construction of Qinghai modern agriculture and animal husbandry since eighteen fruitful results, further highlights the brand. Rich and colorful quality of agricultural and livestock products, by the Kunming people and all exhibitors of all ages, during the exhibition, the participating enterprises in our province reached a total on-site trade volume of nearly billion yuan, of which the trading volume reached about 25000000 yuan.

makes full use of the current agricultural fair exhibition, negotiation and sales functions of the three outstanding enterprises and products, strengthen the negotiation and sales. Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry market information office director E Yongli said, this time we not only the amount of contract and agricultural fair, sales compared with the previous agricultural fair has got obvious breakthrough, to achieve the desired results, because the current agricultural fair more prominent internationalization and branding and information for enterprises in our province to provide a broader platform for exchanges and cooperation. We further broaden their horizons, update the concept of development.


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