in order not to let people park in the back door of the question the impact of the city environment, endangering people’s health and safety, Xining City West District public security, urban management and other departments after ten days of treatment, the city banned again.

October 21st, director of the Xining City West District Administration Bureau Wang Yongbo introduction, city park door nuisance problems, has caused the Xining municipal government’s emphasis on leadership, asked relevant departments to rectify and ban the question as soon as possible. To this end, the west region is established by the public security law enforcement group, urban management, office, industrial and commercial departments mainly responsible for rectification, question.

more than and 10 days, law enforcement officers all day every day waiting in the park back door, large dogs and dogs to persuade operators located in the original red brick of pet market operation; sales for the operators of small pet dogs, guide them to the flower city park in the back door of the business. Refused to obey the management, still peddle pet operators along the street, police and urban management departments in accordance with the relevant provisions, to take coercive measures.

Wang Yongbo said, in order to prevent the rebound, public security, urban management and other departments of law enforcement officers are still waiting for a day in the park back, the holidays are more manpower to clean up and rectify the question, to prevent the dog disturbing phenomenon happening again. In addition, urban management departments hope that the relevant departments to establish a pet market norms as soon as possible the only way to solve the problem fundamentally disturbing question.


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