May 3rd, the 2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition successfully completed. Reporters from the afternoon held a press conference to show the results of the exhibition site, sales of more than 20 million yuan; the domestic and foreign trade turnover of $73 million 500 thousand; investment and trade cooperation project agreement funds of about $422 million, more than three of a total of nearly $500 million. Which the province signed more than 40 trade contracts.

– "green, leapfrog, cooperation, win-win" theme to be perfect. The exhibition from 50 countries and regions of the 792 enterprises to participate in the exhibition and trade and economic exchanges, highlighting the regional characteristics of the region, cultural characteristics and industrial development prospects, economic and trade talks fruitful. For three and a half days of the exhibition, the number of visitors more than 200 thousand people, the daily sales of more than RMB 5 million. I signed the project, immediately after the implementation of the exhibition: Sarah’s painting production project of Xunhua Sarah camel painting handmade art Co. Ltd. signed with Ma’anshan Heng Jiang handicraft Co Ltd, Qinghai Longhua New National Products Co., Ltd. signed with a trading company in the middle east 200 thousand top Muslim hat procurement contract.

– International, professional level to enhance. This exhibition is the seven largest country in the country. Exhibitors from Turkey, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, the Arab League and other 9 countries and organizations envoys; 84 companies from Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mali, Russia and other 17 countries participating; from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, UAE, Saudi Arabia and other 35 countries taking the association responsible person and purchasers. Domestic 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) government, the relevant departments and personnel participating in the purchase of 595 companies, including Xinjiang, Hunan and other provinces (autonomous regions) set up a special exhibition hall. 113 companies participating in the province. Through a series of interactive activities during the exhibition, more than and 60 enterprises at home and abroad have reached the agreement on product procurement and project cooperation.

– show distinctive features, strong and effective service guarantee. Nearly 300 kinds of products of 84 enterprises from 17 countries overseas exhibitors, through the distinctive exhibition, embodies the broad prospects for development has a long history and rich content of national culture and the Muslim Halal industry. At the same time, the exhibition publicity, security, reception, on-site service work and effective measures, to hold everything in good order and well arranged, provides a comprehensive guarantee for the success of the show, to provide high-quality, efficient and convenient service for customers and visitors.

– enrich the life of the masses. Many overseas exhibitors to join, bring in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions of the food for the people of Qinghai, not only make the exhibition show full image, but also enrich the people of Qinghai diet culture and life.

adhere to austerity exhibition. The exhibition earnestly implement the central and provincial requirements for austerity and improve the wind,;

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