what kind of attitude should be taken to do business, the idea of each businessman will not be the same, of course, to be used in practice there will be a lot of difference. Integrity, is a kind of life attitude, is a kind of open-minded way of doing things, is a kind of wisdom. This wisdom will be applied to the daily operation, but also a multiplier strength.

has a Soybean Milk Fang near his daughter’s school, grinding grain and Soybean Milk egg cake is the flagship store signs, parents also because these foods have nutrients, often can meet the demand of the children. So every day after school, the store will be full of people. However, the beautiful young shopkeeper has a habit, that is every meal mill Soybean Milk are not enough to sell, but she never wear; then the cake with the material, as long as all the rest away, never sell cheap or discount.

asked the reason, she said: "the wrong one, all we do is conscience sale, especially the children of poor digestive function, some things would rather lose money also cannot lay down to the children to eat. But Soybean Milk itself is hot drink, if the rest will do, no valley expensive materials, discarded waste, so whether or Soybean Milk cake every day, try to do less and less money, let you eat the rest assured, we are comfortable."

her habit has not only been recognized by customers, but also to the boss’s character is very appreciate, so many customers are far away to take care of her. Although her every day to do less and less money, in fact, is not a bit less money, because the business is very hot meals every day, because she is blunt "want" to.

in fact, this business can be applied to all of our business, but also can have a very big impact on our business. In contrast, our retail industry should also be self-discipline, expired goods do not sell, do not change the code of the cigarette; do not smoke, do not sell the sale of benefits of non formal channels of smoke; more eliminate three products into the store, in order to better attract customers, make the business more long-term.

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