Nanchuan river is a major tributary of the Huangshui River, the ecological environment of Xining basin groundwater recharge and adjustment plays a vital role. But with the development of Xining City, the existing bridge spacing is too large, Nanchuan River functional area of poor contact or pedestrians to bring no small trouble. In September 3rd, a reporter from the Xining City three pedestrian bridges cross the Nanchuan River Project Department learned that the Nanchuan river north of central square kilometers within the scope of three pedestrian bridges will be built. The project has been started, is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

September 3rd, the reporter saw at the construction site, construction workers are salvaged bricks from the well, three pedestrian bridges have begun formal construction. Because it has not been thought that the construction site near the placement of large machinery, so all the construction materials all by hand.

"Nanchuan River Three pedestrian bridges located in Nanchuan River, Nanchuan River" three pedestrian bridges project department responsible person, three pedestrian bridges, 2 pedestrian bridge is the three bridge in the longest, the most unique shape of A.

No. 1 pedestrian bridge located at 54 Avenue and West Main Street, east of the Xining Central Plaza, west the Yellow River Road, a small garden, the arch bridge length of 41 meters, 8 meters wide bridge; between No. 2 walking bridge is located on the West Main Street and South Ring Road on the eastern side of the Kunlun bridge, Xining City stadium, on the west side of kylin Bay. Bridge length of 85 meters, the bridge body is "X" shaped bridge, the width 7 meters, on both sides of the beam width of bifurcation is 3.5 meters, and is equipped with accessibility for disabled access ramps; between No. 3 pedestrian bridge is located in the South Ring Road Bridge and Kunlun Nanshan Road, east of Xining Kunlun Power Supply Bureau substation, on the west side of kylin Bay, is two span continuous steel box bridge, bridge length of 66.06 meters, 6 meters wide bridge.

Nanchuan River after transformation these years of governance in the city of Xining has become an important landscape river, Nanchuan river three bridge across the pedestrian bridge will be built to provide more convenience for the people. The completion of the pedestrian landscape bridge will also increase the riverside road and riverside park scenery, enhance traffic and leisure functions on both sides of the river. (author: Bao Rong)


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