to do a good job in 2011 the city’s new rural cooperative fund, the consolidation of the new rural cooperative medical system construction, according to the annual work arrangements, the city from September 1, 2010 to December 31st to carry out a comprehensive 2011 year collection of individual farmers ginseng alloy.

with the participation of progress, the City Health Bureau asked the district a is to increase efforts to do 2011 Annual fundraising work. To accurately grasp the participating object, in strict accordance with the household as a unit of full participation, to ensure that no leak rural village, the village does not leak households, households do not leak, to ensure that the new rural cooperative farmers consolidation rate reached more than 98%, to ensure that the December 31, 2010 fully completed in 2011, the new rural cooperative medical alloy collection, and simultaneously local information to ensure participation, participation the rural medical treatment and medical expenses settlement network. Two is actively coordinating the civil affairs, family planning departments, timely payment of subsidies object reference alloy, so that the subsidy rate reached 100%. Three is in accordance with the provisions of the timely summary of the report submitted in 2011 in Xining ginseng farmers involved in the collection of statistical data.


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