flood control and drought prevention work into the most severe moment. Yesterday, the municipal government of flood control and drought relief headquarters held a working meeting on the current flood prevention work in our city mobilization, deployment requirements, and resolutely overcome lax ideas to prevent great flood, drought resistant, grab the big insurance to ensure the safety of the city, to ensure that people’s lives and property safety.

this year, compared with the same period last year, the rainfall in 5-7, the city more than 2 into, chase more than 3 into Huangyuan, more than Huangzhong into more than 50 percent, more than 4 into the. Only in late July, the city’s meteorological department has issued a blue rainstorm, orange signal warning signal 5 times, the safety of flood control and various water projects, wading engineering, pose a threat to the safety of the flood season and other dangerous sections. July 28, 29, the two heavy rainfall, to the city of Huangzhong, Huangyuan, Datong and other regions, resulting in a certain amount of economic losses, but fortunately no casualties.

July 28th, Huangzhong County Qunjia Xiang 2-3 hour rainfall of 35 mm, destroyed 700 meters of irrigation canals, water pipeline 2.5 kilometers, affected 420 acres of farmland, destroyed Highway 5, resulting in four villages under the ring ring, Yang Kang, Tang, soil water and traffic disruption. July 29th, rainfall caused by the town of Huangyuan, in addition to the town, the remaining 8 towns were affected to varying degrees, a total of 70 thousand and 400 acres of crops, acres of arable land, submerged farmland of 110 acres, nearly 800 meters of rural roads damaged. Datong County, 4 houses collapsed, 36 households in housing water, part of the wall collapsed, destroyed 50 acres of farmland from different degree. Twenty Li Pu Zhen Chengbei District 1360 acres of crops affected. On the same day the urban rainfall resulting in Bayi Road section, Riverside Road, Sanming 71 Xining road in front of the hotel market and so many serious water, the water depth of 50-80 cm, part of the road traffic congestion, individual residents of the home water.

meeting the requirements of governments at all levels and the flood control departments to further implement the responsibility system, the main responsibility to the personal supervision and implement the reservoir, within the jurisdiction of the pond, and the safety inspection of dangerous sections of landslide prone area and other key areas, improve measures. The current focus on increasing urban rainfall and flooding area inspections, daily inspection and dredging wrecker and drainage facilities maintenance, ensure the intact rate of drainage facilities, once in danger of waterlogging, ensure the drainage design of tractor can be. Three counties to further strengthen the prevention of mountain torrents disaster, flood prone areas in the residents, schools, scenic spots, construction and other key parts of the site to carry out strict investigation. At the same time, once the flood, the disaster, the first time reported around the city flood control office, without delay, concealed underreporting phenomenon. (author: small words)



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