Xining City Public Security Bureau to increase supervision of Internet cafes, purify the Internet environment.

March 24th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment were examined in Xining city network flagship Internet cafes, clubs, Chinese dragon netwall trefoil network such as the Internet real name system implementation, the inspection found the individual Internet cafe has not real name registration, staff impersonation identity information on network, a card registration, registration of false documents and other illegal business the problem on the internet.

January this year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment launched special action on the Internet do not implement the safety technical measures, do not perform real Internet registration problems focus on remediation, has been home to 32 of Internet cafes were processed, and one of the 12 Internet cafes were punished according to the law.

in the future, Xining city public security network security department will conduct regular, periodic special inspection and supervision, Internet cafes, Internet cafes to guide the city’s establishment of Internet information retention system, strong implementation at all levels of public security network security department Internet inspection system, to the public telephone hotlines. Through the improvement of means and technical measures, and resolutely put an end to unauthorized removal of Internet cafes safety management system, and resolutely crack down on the use of the Internet to engage in criminal activities.


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