Recently, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection held the thirteen session of the Standing Committee meeting. Listen to the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau in 2015 to focus on the completion of the work in December, plans to focus on work in the year of 2016 in January. City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee, the office of the room, the Discipline Committee (Supervision Branch) responsible comrades attended the meeting.

meeting pointed out that it is necessary to study and implement the spirit of the central, provincial, municipal committee. The session arrangements work, with each of the Standing Committee in charge of the work of the office of the Ministry of room, combined with their own work, pay attention to investigation and study, especially how to strengthen the construction of rural clean government, put forward research ideas and creative characteristics, the formation of operational policy measures.

meeting stressed the need to adhere to the discipline and rules in front. To study and implement the "Regulations" "standards", so that the rules by heart, to ensure that the supervision and discipline of accountability in the process of application freely, reduce the deviation. To arrange the inspection work, pay close attention to the inspection results feedback, supervision and inspection units to seriously implement the rectification; according to the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee meeting the requirements to make the inspection work plan, increased the frequency of inspections, and expand the scope of the inspection object, and effectively improve the discovery and prevention of the occurrence of violation of cable corruption deterrence problem line. To grasp the "two" during the construction supervision and inspection, the use of unannounced visits to the means, the key parts, key areas of supervision in place. To grasp the supervision and discipline of "four form" and the use of the results of the pilot. Strengthen the guidance of the county discipline inspection work. The implementation of investigating cases above the main level discipline regulations, the establishment of good books and book at the end of treatment the District reported to be strictly, tracking the implementation of the work process standardization. Do a good job in the provincial inspection teams assigned clues to investigate and verify, adhere to the quick check fast do, on the rectification ineffective, the implementation of the district is not in charge of interviews. We should conscientiously implement the national discipline inspection and supervision system of management and supervision of cadres conference spirit, strengthen the management of supervision and discipline inspection and supervision of cadres, education and guidance constraints of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres become a model law-abiding. The meeting pointed out that we should attach importance to precision poverty alleviation work. Members of the Standing Committee of the Commission to further the joint point of the village guidance, advice, contribute to the strength of the real task of poverty alleviation in place, so that people can share the fruits of reform and development.


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