September 28th, organized by the Provincial Department of Commerce, the first large-scale retail enterprises in our province will focus on the electricity supplier of the platform – the United States Tesco network formally launched. The platform will get the goods information through online transaction, delivery and customer service service, to provide convenient online shopping service for our province to meet the users and consumers, the online shopping needs whenever and wherever possible. In recent years, with the continuous development of information technology and Internet, the transaction continues to expand the scale of development and constantly improve the level of the first half of this year, the province of e-commerce transactions amounted to 10 billion 890 million yuan, the network retail sales reached 3 billion 370 million yuan. To further optimize the environment for the development of e-commerce, infrastructure construction, further strengthen efforts to further accelerate the construction of supporting services, especially in the second half of this year, our province to speed up the construction of Qinghai Chaoyang national e-commerce demonstration base, held in August the first settled enterprises signing ceremony, more than 40 companies first settled. At the same time, the electronic commerce platform construction has made new achievements, relying on the domestic third party platform for the construction of the electricity trading platform, enterprise transaction platform, the province self business platform have launched operations, to the national market for our province specialty products, made a contribution to our province people convenient shopping network. According to the Department of Commerce responsible person, "beauty of Tesco network" is a self built electricity trading platform and the consumer oriented inside and outside the province, is the first large-scale retail enterprises in our province centralized electricity supplier platform, open online sales channels for 100, green, textiles and other retail products, will provide more convenient and efficient shopping experience for consumers in our province. The platform of the parties to actively use e-commerce means, give full play to the advantages of information technology, innovative service model, to provide consumers with a better shopping experience and service security. Truly realize the integration and development of traditional retail enterprises and online retail enterprises.  

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