reporter recently learned from the Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau individuals, for the further implementation of the strategy of employment priority to help more people in employment, the Council adopted various preferential measures to reduce the threshold of market access, vigorously promote entrepreneurship, a total of 332 people to help achieve employment.

it is reported that, in order to promote the development of non-public economy, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau formulated issued "to promote the implementation of opinions" accelerate the development of non-public economy, and relax the name, business scope, business investment, residence audit conditions, free private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households registration fees, improve the system within limited, to provide quality services and other measures for more, independent entrepreneurs to provide a good environment for access, to further reduce business costs, encourage entrepreneurship to create jobs. In addition, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau functional advantages in Industrial and Commercial Bureau under the unified deployment of the province, actively participate in public employment and personnel services, in addition to the organization 54 enterprises to participate in the labor department held in the central square of the spring large fairs, also mobilized 210 enterprises actively organized enterprise and university graduates to meet the supply and demand of special recruitment, two a large-scale recruitment will be held successfully, a total of 332 people find jobs, in order to make the employment agreement has been reached people worry about, the business sector has also carried out a special recruitment tracking service, and register to has the intention to reach recruitment and formal employment personnel, in order to improve the recruitment fair the employment rate. (author: Ding Wang Yan)

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