recently, I two province Intangible Cultural Heritage Institute inaugurated. Huangzhong silver and gilt bronze making art teaching demonstration center, and gutta Tibetan carpet weaving skills training institute were established and put into use, for the inheritance of people to carry out the teaching and training, communication, Shoutu communication provides an important place. This is the province of intangible cultural heritage protection and heritage work, so that more and more successors successors one of the initiatives.

Huangzhong silver bronze making and gold art project included in the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage. He is a national representative inheritors of the project. Silver gilt bronze making skills training and Exhibition Center is located in rouchard town of Huangzhong County, the state invested 600 thousand yuan, construction area of 150 square meters, set up sales and training venues, exhibition hall, production workshop. It is put into use, not only the heritage of people with specialized training places, also for domestic and foreign tourists to better understand the production of silver and bronze and gold art profound historical origin, superb technical features, rich product category provides an important window. Add Tibetan Tibetan carpet technology project selected the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Yang Yongliang is a national representative inheritors of the project. The inheritance of self, state aid, Culture Press and publication department of subsidies, investment 310 thousand yuan to build with teeth Tibetan carpet weaving skills training institute. It is located in Huangzhong County on the Xinzhuang Jiaya village, construction area of 180 square meters, equipped with production workshop showroom, etc.. (author: Wang Zi)

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