Xining evening news polished Xining window action launched, which is the city to create a civilized city and another innovative carrier. Those who are closely related to the life of the window units, service industry, service attitude? How about the efficiency? Will the city to create a civilized city wind to each service object? This reporter has eight Bingfen Road, thorough investigation of various industries in our city service window.

in the Polish campaign activities in Xining window, this newspaper will according to the eight reporters open the sight, feeling, with members of the public to reflect, to open up a city · service; black list "column, be praised for the emergence of a civilized city in the people of the most satisfactory service window, should be exposed to criticism of the service window unsatisfactory.

activity news yesterday, once launched, it has been widely welcomed by the public, a strict old man called and said: a city of civilization, largely through the window to show. Polish Xining window action to make those windows, service units in front of the collective appearance of the public, in order to promote poor service units, industry improvement style." Some window units also said, in order to provide better service to the masses, they made many improvements, "we are willing to accept the masses True gold does not fear fire, review."

At present,

invite more people to participate in the Xining evening news window in Polish, please pay attention to all sectors of the side window units and service industries, such as railways, civil aviation, passenger transport, bus, taxi, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment, travel agencies, toll stations, hotels, community, property, and sales offices telecommunications, electricity, gas, postal, courier, bank, insurance, auto parts, maintenance, bath, beauty, hairdressing, household appliances, electronics, jewelry, police, industry and commerce, taxation and other government public hotline service window, if you encounter a service is not in place in business or in the process of consumption, staff indifference, procrastination excuse even irresponsible and all uncivilized phenomenon, please contact us for the first time. Of course, if you encounter civilization, enthusiasm, service attitude is very good, you can also provide us with clues. (author: Rong Lijun)

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