Xining since June this year, the official opening of the bus since the great convenience of the public travel, after a period of operation, the bus will be increased from the site in December 4th.

reporters from the city traffic bureau, since the opening of the bus rapid transit operation, part of the public to reflect some problems on this site, I will through the city to the city Department of transportation company conducted a serious investigation, and formulate the corresponding solutions. It is reported that the adjustment of public transport, including 301, 302, 303, 304 and other 4 lines. Specific adjustments are as follows:

301 Bus Rapid Transit Line adjusted by the center square, hotel, Hongyu eleven, South Street, east district government, Liyuan Road, Tibet Garden District, Dongcheng District, Jia Ronghua pearl, occupation school, Peninsula New Century Garden, the four army hospital, unity bridge, Roca Bay Village, Che Kwun, Au si the intersection, yanggouwan, 7 new sites;

302 Bus Rapid Transit Line adjusted by Center Plaza, hotels, shopping malls, Nanchuan Hongyu automobile factory, eight, mill, Lu Zhai, South Nanjing Road intersection, in green, the city district government, total government, gardener Road, Zhai Zhen Hoh Xil, Qingshui River, Qinghe Village, to extend the line 1.3 kilometers. 7 new sites;

303 Bus Rapid Transit Line adjusted by the center square, commercial alley, Normal University, sea salt lake, South Village, East, West, West, Ma Xingyuan, Xigang, three, the village center, a plateau agricultural machine, Yan village, to extend the line of 3 kilometers, the new 3 station;

304 Bus Rapid Transit Line adjusted by the center square, bath, North Bridge, apricot, happy city district, Andrew bridge, new century garden, Tao Jiazhai, Park Road, stone Lei biological village, Mo Jia Quan Bay, built, Xiaozhaizigou, Sunjiazhai garden, Taiwan, to extend the line of 3.2 kilometers, 8 new sites. (author: Zhao Linsong)

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