mountain village busy with the transformation of old houses, the village of land for the construction of village square demolition. In March 22nd, Jingyang town Datong County investigation reporter saw in Jin Jiuchen as vice mayor of our city, "military enterprises build a model village construction has spread wildly beating gongs and drums.

according to reports, this year the city chose 62 villages and 346 government agencies, police forces and carry out the "military enterprises partnership enterprises build a model village", Datong County Jingyang town 7 villages included in the list. According to the municipal government for a village planning, a village style, a village style, a village with a "request, Jingyang town has developed different characteristics for the mountain village, the soil off village planning.

Jingyang town has always had a strong cultural atmosphere, here are the provincial key cultural relics protection unit in Huining temple, ancient city, with "high, hanging, wonderful, strange" the famous gold rush is more high, Shaanxi opera, opera, shadow, Mihu festivals and folk art such as string flow line in the farmyard be handed down from age to age,, the fields.

by the military and political enterprises build a model village construction machine, mountain village will rely on Hehuang shadow art and folk art, folk art to create demonstration village. The soil will rely on the temple of Guan Cun Huining protection and development, build cultural tourism demonstration village. In the soil of Guan Cun Huining temple was built in the Ming Dynasty Xuande, 560 years ago, the temple murals and sculpture, although small, but its exquisite image, vivid, colorful, is an important scenic spot in Datong county. To this end, the village will vigorously carry out the comprehensive improvement of the rural environment, the construction of Tu style Plaza, popular science Gallery, village comprehensive service center, the implementation of Huining Temple expansion maintenance, parking lot, Woodland Park construction, efforts to change the overall image of the country, to increase the income of farmers by special industries. (author: small words)

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