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urban planning to achieve a new breakthrough

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magnificent colors, graceful and varied shapes…… The second outlines of the charming city of Xining are outlined in the light and color, highlighting the rich and profound cultural heritage of the city of Xining. This is the 2012, people in the city of Xining, the most personal feelings of the night. And all this change lies in the night of Xining lighting planning work in front of the country. In addition to night planning, there are fifth city facade and city color planning and so on, are made with water as the pulse, with the mountain in the beautiful screen, affordable shades touch Xining, refining and shaping the unique characteristics of Xining new city.

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in 2012, our city adhering to high position, focus on long-term planning in advance, based on the characteristics of the plateau landscape Valley City, focusing on mining history and culture, to strengthen the city space and natural landscape pattern echoes the idea, earnestly carry out, city space layout, economic and industrial development strategy and overall development, the eastern region, population and forecast with the scale of city characteristic and livable city 8 city planning research on regional relations and the city overall function, to straighten out the city planning ideas, making all kinds of scientific planning to lay a solid theoretical foundation.

to accelerate the deepening and refinement of the city planning, planning and design units invited the United States, New York Dingshi EDAW, Tsinghua University, Tianjin Planning Institute, Shanghai Tongji, more than 40 domestic and international first-class development planning work, has completed the overall planning of the city, three county city planning and controlling detailed planning, the key area of city design Sanhe, six shore landscape planning, special planning and other 100 various types of planning, the planning results formed a batch of high standard and high level.

such as "Xining city planning" concept of color, the world – and Xining have similar style city color analysis, research, reference, and color of Xining city made a careful planning, to build to meet the quality of city life and improve the living environment of the characteristics of the center node.

– according to the control regulations covering the main city of the goal, to complete the preparation of the tiger Taiwan Administrative Office of scientific research area, Xishan area, bridge area, Qaidam (Xi Gang) area, cross area, sunning plaza area, rhyme ieguchi area, south area, the comprehensive business district, Nanchuan area controlled detailed planning, total control planning area of 120 square kilometers.

– around the Lake District, the core area of the tiger Taiwan administrative office and scientific research area, mine water business district, the business district four kilometer and train station square landscape design, cultural and commercial district, Financial Center Plaza surrounding sunning Plaza and underground space by three square controllable detailed planning, planning a total area 28 square kilometers, the overall transformation of an important node in the city and the landscape area, the formation of a new pattern of clear division of labor, the coordinated development of the city.


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