4 November 16th 08, with a loud noise came from the northern deep blasting safety, Chu Ying tunnel is composed of five Bureau of China railway construction headquarters responsible for the construction of the Xining Railway Station changed smoothly through the node than the planned 87 days ahead of schedule, to ensure that all time laying lay a solid foundation.

Chu Ying tunnel length of 3130 meters, adjacent to Xining station and railway existing railway line, Xining Railway Station is an important channel of passenger train shunting, tunnel construction length of 1491 meters, the most shallow depth of only 6 meters, the construction period is 1639 meters length of the mountains. In the tunnel entrance line, bus lines and train the Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway second double line six lines, and in Lanxi highway, road construction in the village, canals and other structures, the tunnel exit need to shift two times of expressway. The geological condition of the tunnel is very complex, the construction is difficult, the safety risk is high, and the Qinghai Tibet railway company is listed as a key project of Xining Railway Station reconstruction and related engineering. Through the implementation of the zero accident Chu Jia Ying tunnel, zero defect quality, environmental protection objectives of zero pollution, advance the smooth realization of the construction target node.


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