strengthen environmental remediation, improve service quality, the construction of scenic toilets…… The temperature gradually increased, with the construction of tourism in our province for tourism everything in good order and well arranged, the arrival of the peak season, recently, the Provincial Tourism Bureau of tourism enterprises group to travel agencies, tourist attractions, hotel held inspection, lay the foundation for promoting the "spring tide".

it is understood that, in order to promote the tourism industry transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency, expand tourism consumption, efforts to enhance the quality of service, in March this year, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Qinghai tourism in the province to carry out the "leadership" action, through one hundred days of work, enhance the "beauty of Qinghai" brand image, carried out a comprehensive renovation of the scenic spots, the key to strengthen the scenic spots along the scenic highway, through the main entrance area and internal environment; supervise the completion of highway 109 inverted Hakotoko Jiro sword scenic spots along the parking lot construction, strengthen the internal and external traffic, improve the scenic road leading to highway construction standards, solve the problem, build the bus access area convenient; establish perfect safety management system, to ensure the normal operation no security risks.

in the key construction, continue to promote the tourism toilet revolution, tourism toilet checks, correct reconstruction of light phenomenon, timely rectification of the problems identified, ensure the tourism toilet construction task complete. In addition, according to the field of fish price chaos, in our province this year, the tourism sector will carry out joint enforcement with the public security, industry and commerce, price, quality inspection and other departments, travel agencies and tour guides standardized management and service behavior, strengthen the safety management of the tourism industry supervision and guidance, to eliminate potential safety problems, to provide a safe environment for tourist travel tourists. At the same time, to carry out the "100 city tour for the · Damei Qinghai" activities and all kinds of tourism image publicity activities.

it is reported that the "spring tide" is divided into three stages, propaganda stage, focus on remediation stage and the stage of summary.


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