12 at 10:35 on the morning of 21, by the Eastern Airlines flight MU2242 from Delingha to Xining, the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union, the passengers were lucky to become Airport Inc in Qinghai in 2016 of 500th passengers. Qinghai airport passenger throughput exceeded 5 million passengers mark, marking the Qinghai airlines to achieve a historic leap again.


Airport Inc from the beginning of the establishment of Xining, Golmud has two airports, the annual passenger throughput of less than 500 thousand people, to the current development of Xining, Golmud, Yushu, operating in Delingha, Huatugou, Guoluo six airports, the annual passenger volume exceeded 5 million people, the production index record. In recent years, the Qinghai Airport Inc to serve the plateau tourism province construction as the main line, optimize the development environment, improve infrastructure, improve the protection capacity, airport route network is increasingly perfect, build Qinghai province opening platform. Since 2010, to participate in the operation of the Qinghai aviation market, the airline grew from 6 to 19, navigable city increased from 30 to 53, the number of routes increased from 21 to 73, to achieve a A330 wide body normal stable operation. In 2016, Asia’s largest low cost airline and the largest low-cost airline Spring Airlines to enter the aviation market in Qinghai at the same time, the Qinghai Airport Inc to build a regional hub airport operation of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau prototype previews. In terms of regional airports, with the collaborative route network is becoming more and more perfect heavenly stems and earthly branches, and dry with a combination of heavenly stems and Earthly Branches of the air distribution is steadily advancing. At the beginning of this year, the newly opened Golmud Golmud Airport to Xining route to Chengdu, 3 classes per week, the annual passenger throughput increased by 24%; the Yushu aviation market matures, Yushu to Xining every day two flights to Yushu, the newly opened Chengdu to Lhasa route; Delingha, Huatugou, Guo Luo airport relying on "michikado aviation" mode, to achieve stable operation, the effect of the construction of people’s livelihood of ethnic area obviously.

according to reports, the "13th Five-Year" period, in order to meet the strong demand for the aviation industry in the rapid development of the local economy, and constantly improve the airport security capacity, currently Qinghai Airport Inc has launched a new round of development planning, the overall planning of Xining airport officially get CAA approval this year, the construction of an integrated transport hub will first appear in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau it is expected that in 2020, the Airport Inc of Qinghai passenger throughput will reach 8 million passengers. The annual passenger throughput of 5 million passengers, not only opened a new chapter in building a regional hub in the Tibetan Plateau, but also will greatly help Qinghai Province in the future to better promote the "The Belt and Road fulcrum" of city construction.


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