Daily telephone consultation from day to night, the registration website hits over 10000, many young people eager for a fight ready to sign up the challenge…… This is the charm of the first youth entrepreneurship contest in Xining. The conditions to support the registration conditions, tens of thousands of dollars of prize money, zero threshold for good, the spirit of full of sincerity, to make a good project for young entrepreneurs for the purpose of the contest, in the summer of Xining ignited the passion for the business, get a positive response to business or business entrepreneurs.

what is entrepreneurship? Someone once said, entrepreneurship is to change the way of living, choose a special life. In order to let more people realize their entrepreneurial dreams; in order to make more outstanding entrepreneurial talent, entrepreneurial projects emerged; for Xining this occupies the 40% population of the city, more and more people become the cause of the rise of the root; more in order to make Xining become more and more people live in the city, happy city, Xining held the first business competition in the summer.

from the national entrepreneurial advanced city title came Xining, its rich entrepreneurial atmosphere, excellent entrepreneurial environment, reflected in the first youth entrepreneurship contest vividly. In order to let all people dream of entrepreneurship, their first step towards the contest in Xining, there is no registration restrictions, only need to have a heart of entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurial Capital of all who frown, therefore, the contest of one or two, third-prize winners not only give bonuses will also settled in business incubator the project of business support funds, at the same time, all entered the incubator project, also can get 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan full discount free counterguarantee entrepreneurs small loans.

many preferential policies, make entrepreneurship competition launched once the parties concerned, young people want to start, are entrepreneurs are eager, as the contest hosted the relevant staff of human resources and Social Security Bureau unit said, from May 26th start registration office, the daily advisory phone: "get the phone in a continuous line do not put hands." One who is going to participate in the contest is the entrepreneur said: I have always wanted to start a business, there is a good project is the lack of funds, I hope that through this contest, so that my entrepreneurial dream can be achieved." And this is also a lot of young people to participate in this contest entrepreneurial aspirations. This contest calls 0971 – – 6128486. Interested participants can also apply to the city, District, county Employment Service Bureau or sign up for Xining employment service network registration.


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