Present at the four session of the National People’s Congress of the delegation of the province’s proposal to increase the economic zone of the western city of Qinghai in the eastern city of municipal infrastructure support.

said that the core area of Xining city and the East Sea city is located in Lanxi Economic Zone, the area is only accounted for 4.2% of the province, but the total economy brings together 70% of the province’s population and 64% of the area of our province, is the center of population carrying and production agglomeration. At present, Lanxi economic pattern has two big and middle weak dumbbell shaped, divided into East, west of Lanzhou City, Xining City, Gansu and Qinghai Province were two center city, but located in the middle zone of the East Sea city, the population is concentrated, the economic and social development level is low, large poverty area, municipal infrastructure is still the original county seat structure, difficult to carry the construction and development of the city, become Lanxi Economic Zone Development of the "depression" and "short board area".

suggested that, to speed up the development of the East Sea city, it will promote and promote the development of Lanxi Economic Zone, is conducive to the fan zone shows this area to create a National Development Zone, to promote national unity and progress of advanced western backward areas and ecological civilization and progress of the experimentation area. Therefore, suggested that the state support in policy and funds, focusing on the Sea East Road and bridge, municipal water supply and drainage, gas heating, waste water treatment and other infrastructure, to ensure the implementation in the new Haidong Silk Road Economic Belt and the rapid rise in the middle of Lanxi economic zone fast rise.

suggested that, as the capital city of Xining City, with the rapid development of economy, city population increasing, great changes have taken place in the city space layout and function structure, lag problem of city infrastructure construction has become increasingly prominent and urgent.


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