Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry around the post disaster reconstruction in Yushu, give full play to the regulatory functions, to ensure the supply and demand in the field of building materials safety.

in order to ensure the quality of building materials products, since May this year, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out special rectification activities, one is to strengthen the education of product quality and safety awareness materials dealers, to the reconstruction of Yushu as the background, in the "people’s Republic of China product quality law", "consumer protection law" and other laws and regulations for the content, extensive publicity, and building materials business households signed civilized business and product quality and safety target responsibility book 430, enhance the awareness of law-abiding operators building materials. Two is strictly the main market access, in compliance with the conditions of industrial and commercial laws and regulations of the newly registered business operators to actively provide help services, according to the law should be registered, into the standardized management. At present, in accordance with the law banning 23 households, 9 households, 4 households for investigation of unlicensed operation, and further purification of the building materials market. The three is to adhere to the law supervision, strict inspection into the sales receipt and inspection of all types of building materials product sources, 464 households, 219 households in accordance with the law on the quality of building materials for the random sampling inspection, seized substandard 33 tons of steel wire and cable, volume 226, blockboard 420, composite wood floor 320, the collection of fines of 20 million yuan.


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