in order to further promote college graduates and their parents to change their concept of employment, establish a correct view of employment and employment career concept, promote grassroots oriented college graduates, employment oriented, business oriented Province, the city will carry out a comprehensive college graduates for brains, into the market "the theme of special education activities. This is the reporter from the Xining college graduates in April 25th for brains, breaking the market theme propaganda and education activities were informed of the meeting.

it is understood that the event will carry out the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship policy advocacy activities, mainly to promote the country and the province to promote the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship policy. In late April, the city will be the Secretary for human resources and business executives into the campus activities, the concept of changing the concept of employment of college graduates, college graduates to promote the concept of employment as the main theme of propaganda and education. In June, will also carry out the "entrepreneurial star auditorium" promotional activities in schools, organizations, and actively to the grassroots entrepreneurial success of small and micro enterprises and foreign employment, realize self occupation has demonstrative effect of typical college graduates, and, xianshenshuifa, leading the college graduates to change the concept of employment. At the same time, to guide students to encourage their children to go out to work, employment, entrepreneurship and self employment.

in addition, activities will be carried out to explain the employment policy of employment guidance and occupation training activities, held seminars to change the concept of employment, the organization in the field of exchange activities, and to carry out the employment of college graduates in Entrepreneurship incubator work, graduates in the Qinghai University established business incubator.


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