10 21, vice governor Kuang Yong presided over the provincial earthquake prevention and mitigation work leading group meeting. The meeting examined and approved in principle the "13th Five-Year" earthquake disaster mitigation planning (Draft) ", listened to my recent work report of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and" 10· 17 "complex multi 6.2 earthquake, and to further improve the province’s recent earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation work arrangements.

meeting pointed out that the plan is an important part of the province’s national economic and social development plan for the five year of the thirteenth, is related to the province’s future guidance of the development of earthquake prevention and mitigation in. Earthquake prevention and disaster reduction of the member units to early planning, early deployment, strengthen organizational leadership, pay attention to the project landing, strengthen measures to ensure that the implementation of the plan to promote the orderly, quality and quantity to complete.

the meeting stressed that the provincial earthquake disaster prevention and mitigation of the members of the unit to further improve the province’s earthquake disaster reduction work, fully understand the recent situation of earthquake in our province; solid job Heteropoly 6.2 earthquake disaster recovery work, the organizational strength of residents of the earthquake zone houses in each village and household investigation, the proper placement of the affected people; to do earthquake emergency preparedness work, establish improve the earthquake emergency coordination linkage mechanism, and constantly improve the emergency plan system, to do a good job in earthquake emergency supplies ready to work; do the basic work of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction, good earthquake judged before track and trend, enhance the monitoring level, strengthen key areas of risk investigation and seismic reinforcement work, enhance our comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation capacity.


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