days ago, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng depth Hainan, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to conduct research on the health, culture and sports work. He stressed the need to thoroughly implement the national health and health conference spirit, fully implement the practice of general secretary of the four major requirements, the solid "people’s health strategic priority, rely on reform and innovation, strengthen the leadership of the party, to speed up the construction of Qinghai health, enhance the health level of the people of all ethnic groups.

wangguosheng is very concerned about health and health status of rural people. He has come to Guide County Township two Garang village and Jianzha County, even Angra Xiang Jian bar on village clinics, and rural doctors and villagers are a cordial conversation, when we learned that is satisfied with the construction of village clinics and village new rural cooperative medical system, it is easy to see a doctor, Wang Guosheng said, the basic medical and health conditions well, the health of the villagers have more security. To further strengthen the construction of primary health centers, optimize the allocation of health resources, promote health equity. Wang Guosheng walked into the town of Daotanghe Gonghe County layihai Ma Village archery hall, basketball court, a detailed understanding of the situation to carry out grassroots sports activities. He pointed out that it is necessary to advocate a healthy and civilized way of life, a wide range of people of all ethnic groups to participate in cultural and sports activities, and constantly enrich the amateur cultural life of the masses.

pharmaceutical company in Qinghai Lake, Wang Guosheng into the workshop, see the product, process, a detailed understanding of the production and operation of enterprises, affirmed on enterprise focused on the development and production of bio pharmaceutical specialty he pointed out, to science and technology to benefit, improve product value and market competitiveness, enterprises bigger and stronger. In the Hainan Tibetan Hospital, outpatient pharmacy, Wang Guosheng walked into the pool bath Department, therapeutic room, a detailed understanding of the basic situation, characteristics and treatment technology, Tibetan Tibetan medicine hospital health care, encourage hospitals to give full play to comparative advantages, carry forward national medicine culture, adhere to the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, to enhance the professional level, to better serve the people to see a doctor. People’s Hospital in Huangnan, Wang Guosheng visited key departments, and medical personnel, medical people cordial conversation. In the operation room, that Tianjin City Youth assistance medical experts have been implemented free cataract surgery for hundreds of local people, has been highly praised by the people, Wang Guosheng thanked the Youth assistance medical expert’s selfless help, asked the hospital to grab the green counterpart aid opportunities, improve the level of medical treatment, enhance service capabilities.

pointed out that there is no national health, there is no comprehensive well-off. To study and implement the spirit of the national health and the spirit of the general assembly and the General Secretary Xi visited Qinghai during an important speech closely together, the people’s health strategic priority, correctly grasp the full implementation of health and health work policy in the new period, adhere to the unity of goal oriented and problem oriented, strengthen investigation and research, identify the short board to accelerate the construction of Qinghai health. To deepen the comprehensive medical and health system, innovation ideas, ideas and methods to develop health industry, accelerate the transformation of health and health development, optimize health resources allocation, the implementation of the work center of gravity, high-quality resources, excellent doctors sinking down, promote health equity.


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