10 18, the Qinghai Provincial Association of non Party Intellectuals in the Second Council held in Xining. Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee, United Front Work Department, deputy governor, vice governor Kuang Yong attended and spoke.

meeting the requirements of the non Party Intellectuals to conform to the times, remember our mission, around the center, serving the overall situation, in politics, offer advice and suggestions to make a difference, for the construction of the "three zones" efforts; make a difference in the application of scientific research and development, technology, make scientific research and project docking, and industrial interaction, for in the society; Qinghai publicity, promote open action, introducing more youth exchanges and cooperation, a person with breadth of vision to invest in training, training of qualified personnel; make a difference, to cultivate the spirit of innovation, enhance the entrepreneurial capacity; in promoting the harmonious and enhance the identity function, to become the national unity and progress of all ethnic groups, the practitioner exchanges blend promoter, "three one cannot do without thinking" communicators, and enhance the five identity of the leader in the maintenance of stability and unity; Unite to make a difference, especially the Tibetan intellectuals to unite with their own practical action to lead the Tibetan people to safeguard national unity, national unity and social stability.

the meeting stressed that the province know Federation to create conditions, strengthen the guidance in the political guidance, coordination services, Juxian recommendation, play a role, perfect mechanism to strengthen ties and further create a new situation in the work of non party intellectuals.

meeting to listen to the work report of the first session of the Council, in recognition of outstanding directors, consider amending the constitution, and elected a new Executive Council, Kuang Chung was elected president.


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