2013, Xining city public security departments to take measures to ensure the smooth development of road and traffic violations investigated, the total correct punishment, all kinds of traffic violations nearly million.

yesterday, the reporter learned that, in 2013, Xining city traffic police detachment combined with the "creative city", "year", "Wei Jian" and atmospheric environmental pollution control and other key work, has launched the "big investigation, education and remediation special action and to muck cars, taking concrete as the main object of the car freight vehicles rectification work, and crack down on drunk driving, involving brand of card, vehicle Luantingluanfang and motorcycles and three cars, low-speed trucks in the city to ban illegal limit line traffic, dealt with a large number of traffic violations, effectively purify the Xining city road traffic order.

statistics show that last year, Xining city traffic police detachment in the road traffic law enforcement on the correction of all kinds of traffic violations since 990703, the average correct office since 2714, including education 697365 people, 293338 people punished, illegal traffic driving license is scoring 153825 passengers, seized drunk driving and prosecuted 53 people received a total of decks; 141 car case, apply the driver’s license information of 37 cases; handled 48394 cases of road traffic accidents, the death toll statistics of traffic accidents decreased by 17 over the previous year; the death caused by road traffic accidents and bear the main responsibility of the driver to prosecute 80 people, 56 of the motor vehicle driver’s license revoked.


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