lasted 309 days, candidates up to a maximum of 490 thousand, the total length of 10776 km, the selection of footprints throughout the province’s Xining evening news the most beautiful building selection results announced! On the afternoon of July 26th, the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center in the south of the city was in a warm atmosphere, the Xining evening news the most beautiful building awards ceremony was held, the city leaders Feng Lijun, Xu Guocheng, white and other awards ceremony. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng on behalf of the municipal government.

Xining evening news the most beautiful building selection activities sponsored by the municipal government, the city housing security and Housing Authority, the urban and Rural Construction Committee, the urban and Rural Planning Bureau, the Xining evening news agency, the municipal government jointly hosted the network. In 2012 the Xining evening news, the most beautiful building contest timely start, it not only has 39 experts authoritative guidance, but also created a new record in the history of Xining selection: lasted 309 days, the publication of the 607 edition, is 96 words forwarding candidate network; time is up to 490 thousand, they have cadres workers, farmers, teachers, students, and community residents, the people’s Liberation Army soldiers; the total travel 10776 kilometers, Hainan, Haidong, Huangnan, Yushu, Haibei Haixi, Golog, set off a boom of micro-blog, WeChat, appraisal; government website, electronic version, telephone, letter, all-round, three-dimensional, through the comparison, the most beautiful building All the world knows.

at the awards ceremony, Xu Guocheng said that in recent years, the provincial government, the municipal government of Xining has given high hopes for the development of. To carry out the most beautiful building contest, is to let the general public review of the development of Xining, Xining for the future development of open remonstrance, mobilize the enthusiasm of public participation in city construction. Actively promote the Xining evening news, the province has 490 thousand people to actively participate in the vote, in many people, friends, experts carefully assessed, a number of projects approved, this is the general public to the real estate development and construction enterprises the greatest gift.

Xining evening news agency President Wang Zonghong first to the real estate development enterprises thanks, because the real estate development enterprises offer a good quality, for the magnificent Xining landmark boutique building, allowing the general public to deeply feel the beauty of the city, livable beauty, enhance the public sense of belonging, identity and pride. Wang Zonghong said that in recent years, the Xining evening news held a five year event selection, auto show, Snow Festival, Qinghai Xining good selection and other more than and 50 series of activities, each activity has attracted great attention and great repercussions in the province. Fine persistence is always the pursuit of the evening news every day, the future of Xining evening news? That is: the heart of Thanksgiving, so that Qinghai, Xining and other six cities and the Qinghai real estate issued a loud and clear, charming personality voice. (author: small words)

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