from the Xining consumer association was informed that the first half of this year, the Xining consumer associations at all levels received a total of 490 consumer complaints, for consumers to recover economic losses of $1 million 539 thousand and 700. Consumer complaints fell year on year, the number of complaints ranked first service.

analysis of Xining City Association staff statistics, the first half of this year, the service class complaints increase over the same period last year, the quality of service complaints and complaints of washing the overall decline in the volume of complaints in the case of bucked the trend, representing an increase of 20%. Clothing and footwear and other necessities of life and consumer life are inseparable, a larger proportion of daily consumption, from the complaint data, the proportion of such a large proportion of the department store complaints. In the household electrical and electronic categories of complaints, the most complaints.

overall, the number of complaints decreased in the first half. Association staff pointed out that, like laundry service categories of complaints, complaints in the first, and the mediation is difficult, therefore, the public should see the annotation service documents, specifications require the owner to fill out the information, so as to avoid the occurrence of consumer disputes difficult to define responsibility, at the same time, members of the public to take the clothes on the spot check in, check whether the clothing is washed bad or missing in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests.


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