from December 2012 to March 19th this year, 109 days time, the Xining area of no precipitation reached 107 days. In fact, during this period, the most obvious one precipitation in Xining city in February 18th, at that time, Xining city average rainfall of only 0.4 mm, of which, twenty shop rainfall of 1.3 mm, only reached the level of snow.

hope to snow, is expected to Xining people recently also hard to hear the first spring thunder in 2013, according to the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau forecast that the recent Xining still no significant precipitation, dry climate will continue.

affected by the monsoon climate, Xining is a typical "hot rainy season", that is more rain when hot, rain less when cold, but winter is almost no snow year but rarely appear. Weather experts believe that this is a climate anomaly.

According to

reports, this is the case, this is due to the cold air north, and Qinghai by the Xinjiang high winter climate climate control, and cold air frequently occurred in the northeast, North China and other regions, less impact on Qinghai, and the South North warm air is not easy, so there was no continuous rainfall weather.

precipitation is low, the air temperature is high, the air is dry, causes the partial area dry soil layer to be bigger than the year average value, provides the rich sand source for the sand, the floating dust weather. This is also from March 9th to 13, most of the northern part of the province for a long time the cause of strong winds, dust weather.

March 19th, the Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the provincial grassland forest fire office issued a fire warning, Qinghai forest grassland at high risk of fire 5. According to the relevant departments of statistics, recently, Xining region has occurred within 10 days of a fire, but also around the Xining fire.

at present, the province of Guide, banma has appeared in Xining and Ledu drought, light drought phenomenon. Meteorological experts said that although the unusually dry, less precipitation, but due to the late thaw in Qinghai soil, so did not form a significant drought. (author: Wang Yalin Dai Sheng)

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