in accordance with the Xining Municipal Food and Drug Administration "and" plan "spirit of the document of the city catering service industry to carry out activities to create a" civilized table "implementation plan" the implementation of the 2012 food and drug safety publicity activities, Health Bureau, combined with the actual, formulate two implementation plan, on the morning of August 29th at the county hospital four floor conference room of the county organization 45 large and medium-sized catering units, schools, enterprises and institutions canteens, 36 drug business units, 13 medical units were held responsible for the food and drug propaganda month and "civilized table" activities to create a mobilization meeting. Will the county health authority deputy director Comrade Li Changfa to convey the food and Drug Administration 2 implementation plan, health supervision office director Comrade Zhao Guorong deployed the 2012 Datong County food and drug safety awareness month and the table of civilization to create activities, the county Party committee propaganda department vice minister, county committee of civilization from Comrade Sun Jing "table of civilization" to create activities important meaning, specific practices, the expected goal of a speech. Qiao Zhenhai, deputy director of the health and food and Drug Administration on food and drug safety awareness month civilized table to create the work put forward the requirements of the comrades conscientiously implement the tasks.


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