to ensure that migrant workers can get before the Spring Festival legitimate labor income, have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, the settlement of enterprises in the joint meeting of the problem of wage decision, from late December 2016 to 2017 before the Spring Festival by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of finance, Provincial Department of housing and urban construction the Provincial Federation of trade unions and other 12 departments and units deployed personnel composed of 3 inspection teams to conduct a special inspection of the country to pay wages for migrant workers to carry out.

reporter from the Provincial Labor Inspection Bureau, the operation focused supervision and implement the service of 2016 No. 1, green office 2016 No. 118 document implementation, and improve the long-term mechanism of governance in the wages of migrant workers of construction field; implement the monthly wage regulations, migrant workers pay the full implementation of real name system management, the establishment of improve the wage guarantee system and the implementation of migrant workers wages (labor) special account management system; in the complaint or report of arrears of wages of migrant workers, legal punishment, punishment event blacklist, strengthen justice and social exposure conditions; instead, territorial responsibility to implement the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, labor arbitration departments to supervise the handling and implementation accountability; around the sound caused by the problem of arrears of wages and emergency department group Set plan situation.

supervision of key industries for the construction of municipal, transportation, water conservancy construction enterprises, as well as labor-intensive manufacturing, food and beverage services prone to arrears of wages in the industry. Through inspection, the layers of compaction work responsibilities, the formation of policy and work, and strive to achieve the basic wages of migrant workers involved case closed, proper handling of mass incidents, allegedly refused to pay labor remuneration crime cases transferred to judicial departments before the Spring Festival, and earnestly safeguard the interests of the majority of workers wages.

in order to ensure the effectiveness of the special inspection, the joint meeting office will increase the intensity of precision management. On key areas, key industries and the wages of migrant workers in arrears, frequent, large areas of complaints and major cases of illegal handling supervision, to ensure timely resolution of the problem. No reason for a large amount of arrears of wages of migrant workers, according to the law by the fast, fast, fast check, fast knot, to ensure the quality of the case. On the wages of migrant workers in violation of major violations of dishonesty enterprises, to establish a blacklist system, and to the public, to strengthen the Joint Disciplinary department, so that the wages of enterprises, an illegal, everywhere limited".


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