we all know, most of the economic development in Northwest planting, almost every family by planting the family, so that the planting industry has a certain stage of the progress in Gansu city of Lanzhou Province, the other provinces and cities to grow economic worthy of individual attention, to see how they are through planting economic build up the family fortunes.

The reporter saw

in plantations, fruits and vegetables each side has a small card, the card records during the growth period of vegetables and fruits and picking time, mature agricultural products are affixed to a two-dimensional code label, "source file" records.

Gansu Lanzhou Yu Hing eco agricultural science and technology development limited company manager Gao Bin told reporters, "with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food safety and quality. We hope that every buyer can see the growth process of agricultural products and to verify this information, so picking agricultural products from farm to table each link are fully displayed, so that consumers can eat at ease, eat at ease, eat health "," implementation of wisdom agriculture "for agricultural products the whole process of planting" naked "eyes. "Consumers using a mobile phone to scan every piece of agricultural products on the packaging ‘accounts of the’ two-dimensional code, you can quickly check the agricultural products’ information archives’, including production sites, seed source, water source, pesticide and fertilizer use records etc.."

Li Jia Zhuang village committee director Zhang Jianwen introduced the development of modern agriculture is the innovation and development to the Lijiazhuang village. In recent years, in the national agricultural policy support, Lanzhou City Lijiazhuang village based on their own strengths, innovation and development of ideas, transform the traditional agricultural planting pattern, farmers’ income increase steadily.

2015, the introduction of Gansu Yu Xing Cun Yu Xing agriculture agriculture and farmer cooperatives, to improve the pepper ditch 55 greenhouses, and circulation of 380 acres of land, which was built in ecological agriculture sightseeing, greenhouse vegetable planting, livestock breeding, seed breeding, vegetable processing as one of the modern and efficient agricultural demonstration garden each shed, achieved sales revenue of 10 yuan.

it is understood that the efficient Lijiazhuang facility construction project of agricultural demonstration park planning covers an area of 3100 acres, in 2016 will further build solar greenhouse, greenhouse vegetable and fruit picking area, plateau summer vegetables cold shed area, mushroom picking area, ecological farming area, recreational fishing area, flowers sightseeing area, parenting experience Tian and other functional areas. The park is also actively exploring the Internet of things and a high degree of integration in agricultural production, make full use of agricultural IOT intelligent agriculture monitoring, agricultural standardization management, social network, such as the four major agricultural products throughout the traceability system, ensure the park more efficient, fine, the modernization of agricultural production.

actually grow the economy, to support the development of a family, through the understanding of fruit trees, know how to make fruit trees not sick, should also be

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