national policy of opening up, making some remote areas, or what two or three line cities have been very good development. And accelerate the process of urbanization makes a lot of entrepreneurs in their investments eyes are on the small town, small town, but what kind of business? What are the profits of small business? These questions are all very want to know the answer, many investors say that success is an ideal auspicious wonton choice, because we all love to eat, let us have sales in order to get a good income.

hidden in the county’s small profits business you know a few?

to create China convenience store style fast-food chain brand mascot is the constant pursuit of dreams, in the past ten years, innovation, hard work, lucky people learn, based on absorbing the international chain brand management experience on the basis of product attributes and positioning itself, forming a covering many aspects of market development, marketing and Finance the production, management, logistics, research and development of the unique management system, become the basis to support the auspicious of chain size, but also the key to the future competitiveness of the auspicious.

look forward to the future, lucky people will continue to fiery passion, sincere reputation, to provide consumers with satisfactory dining services, to create their own strong fast food brands. Auspicious wonton has formed a unique system, attracting a lot of attention people, believe that such a brand from development to today, has been able to obtain a high degree of concern, but also let more people in this project to find a new direction, appropriate development therefore, the focus lies we need to give more power to really get a good development in the market, China Merchants auspicious wonton will be even more powerful, also makes us more attractive.

auspicious chaos join support:

1, store and business district evaluation;

2, the store decoration and layout of the unified format;

3, the establishment of financial accounting system;

4, installation and purchase of equipment;

5, personnel education and training;

6, operation supervision services;

7, unified quality product distribution.

8, enjoy new products, new services, marketing, advertising planning; continuous support.

hidden in the county’s small profits business you know a few? Anyway, I know that auspicious chaos is one of the high-profile, that is, you are an inexperienced novice entrepreneurs, we are lucky to join the chaos headquarters

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