is the children eat snacks habits, good teeth can make children more healthy, therefore, more and more parents will pay attention to the choice of toothpaste for children in very young children, treasure the mother baby toothpaste for you, don’t just look for the children’s toothpaste blindly trust, but also pay attention to the following some.

1, the foam more children’s toothpaste, soap content it is more easy to stimulate the baby’s oral mucosa, but also easy to damage enzyme in saliva, best buy no foam or foam less toothpaste for children.

2, children try not to buy toothpaste fluoride toothpaste. Why? Because it is easy to swallow toothpaste, and swallowed a large number of fluoride toothpaste is easy to cause fluorosis, which is very dangerous.

3, suggested that parents do not let too small can help your baby teeth, baby teeth, can brush their teeth in the baby, and do not swallow toothpaste, let your baby teeth, to prevent the occurrence of danger.

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