cake joined the brand in the quality of the project Brown division sugar cake, investors have been very optimistic about the brand, but suffer from a lot of investors do not know what the brand franchise conditions? Can not meet the requirements of joining, so Xiaobian below for everyone to introduce what the franchise conditions?

Monte Brown company is Chinese high-end Fondant Cake Art brand, is a leading British Art Fondant Cake chain, with the famous British Sugar Brand Co operated, led the British engineers team, will be popular in the British aristocracy in Sugar Art of the perfect introduction to bring senior gift cake customization service quality as the most in China, y embodies the unique taste of consumers.

what are the conditions for Brown’s sugar cake?

what is the real Brown cake?

1, the world’s selection of the world’s top raw materials, products from raw materials to the first pass

only the top of the raw material, can have excellent products, the Hongkong Beauty Rose flour, butter, New Zealand an excellent large French presidential butter, France tower cream, Belgium becora chocolate, American walnut, hazelnut (sauce), Italy, Turkey, France, Peng mascarpone cheese tower france 100 Gifford and so on. All top cake raw materials, is to buy the object.

2, do not add flavor, preservatives

only do natural, healthy taste, we promise never to add flavor, preservatives and other chemical raw materials.

3, do not use artificial fat cream

uses only extracted from natural fresh milk cream, do not add any chemical stabilizer, delicate taste mellow, sweet authentic, trace elements are rich in vitamins, calcium, iron and other essential.

4, one of the few in the world to use custom handmade custom cake

for material experts, is not irrational follow blindly, adhere to the use of the Royal baking master cake production process, designed to reproduce the elegant aristocratic lifestyle.

Brown cake join conditions:

1. love advanced custom art cake industry, there is a strong entrepreneurial desire and confidence in the success of

2. agrees with "Monte · Brown" brand culture, business philosophy and management model;

3. has a wealth of human resources and good social reputation

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