now the difficult employment of college students increasing, some want to realize the employment through entrepreneurship, but due to lack of capital, lack of experience, more people are wandering in Entrepreneurship and employment, finally can really venture onto the road seems not much.

Tianjin University of Science and Technology senior: everyone has this idea should be, but the specific implementation, college students after graduation entrepreneurship, there must be a consideration of many of their risk and investment and cost.

according to the Tianjin Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League, the entrepreneurial idea Tianjin city college students accounted for about 10% in grade three or four in the proportion of more than 1/3, but the real investment is insufficient and entrepreneurial practice 3%. Self employment for the overall quality of the requirements is often the main reason for the abortion plan.

director of Tianjin Normal University student employment guidance center believes that the first thing is to conduct an assessment of their personality, or to see he is not suitable for business, and he wants to learn a small business, some basic operation process, which includes a number of policies and regulations that he should grasp, as well as some basic skills and skills.

affected by a variety of factors, many college students on their own venture, think out of reach. In fact, college students in the choice of their own business must first choose their own orientation, in order to avoid a large amount of money can be invested in their own small projects from the beginning, slowly accumulate.

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