online shopping era, numerous hand chop party was born quietly, you and me there are numerous hand chop party, bought something online but you want to return the trouble to do, never mind, there is the main business of courier companies is to help cut the hand of the party who return.

Shyp provides packaging, courier, return one-stop service, very convenient. Only $5 each.



1. logistics company Shyp for online shopping users to launch a one-stop service and low fees so that the service can be quickly popular, so as to drive the brand communication;

2.Shyp on-demand service business model, the user needs to be assigned to the courier service providers and logistics companies, through the "buy low sell high" strategy to obtain revenue;

3.Shyp uses on-demand services make resource allocation more efficient and reasonable, but it will conflict with the costs to the property services contractor may cause contractor. In addition, the low threshold of on-demand service also makes the brand loyalty is low;

4.Shyp through the adjustment of income, to create a sense of belonging to the brand to enhance the loyalty of service contractors, this incentive plan remains to be tested in the future market competition;

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some people are complaining, others from the peep out business opportunities. Logistics company Shyp last year launched a one-stop shopping service for online users, including packaging, distribution, including a full range of services only charge $5. This service is aimed at the back end of the electricity supplier service chain, which is popular after the launch of many online shopping users welcome, Shyp brand and the original logistics services have been widely spread. Just last week, Shyp announced the completion of the B round of financing, financing a total of $50 million, the company valued at more than $250 million.

Shyp currently in San Francisco, New York, Broolyn, Miami, four cities to open services, Losangeles is being tested. In order to emphasize the geographical limitations of the service, the user needs to submit the location of the Shype registration code to verify that the region is open service.

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