There are many ways to commemorate the ancient

of China, or what were carved a niche in the temple of fame, as well as businessmen with celebrity name their brand, Su Dongpo a great poet, as we all know, of course, has spread as well as delicious Dongpo’s braised pork. It is revealed to us a little, Su Dongpo is a very famous gourmet, he invented a lot of delicious delicacy, many in this middle east slope of meat is a delicacy famous delicacy, Su Dongpo in addition to this delicacy, also invented such a delicacy by Dongpo buns, spread over a thousand years, still very delicious, Dongpo baozi is Wujiang Food Technology Development Co., Ltd., based on the traditional Dongpo’s braised pork on the carey developed form. Now is also a very deadly franchise brands, many people want to join, then how much money to join this brand?

how much does it cost to open a Dongpo steamed stuffed bun?

join fee is as follows:

single join:

join fee 15 thousand

regional agent:

county agent: 25 thousand

level agency:

contains subordinate counties: 150 thousand

does not include subordinate counties: 60 thousand

provincial capital city (excluding subordinate counties):50 million

provincial agent: 1 million 200 thousand

Dongpo’s braised pork package, looks like chrysanthemum, white jade color, pure taste. Delicious, sweet but not greasy, fresh from the "Dongpo’s braised pork package" uniform size, such as the mist like chrysanthemum. Refreshing eye comfortable, a bite of meat soup, delicious, sweet but not greasy, make people unable to hide greeds, unable to stop. Consumers like. Welcome to join the east side of the National Union steamed buns.

small series for the brand to join the fee have finished, we should know, if you look at this brand, it is time to move it!

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